Debbie is now fully qualified in advanced electrolysis, she is insured and licensed to carry out a wide variety of blemishes using electrolysis including:

  • Skin tag removal (anywhere on the body)
  • Cherry Angioma/red blood spots (anywhere on the body)
  • Milia
  • Red Veins (face/décolletage)
  • Spider Naevi (face/décolletage)
  • Thread Veins

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures
Removal Using electrolysis, many skin blemishes can be quickly, safely, easily and effectively treated offering an eventual blemish free smooth skin. These include Thread veins, Skin tags, Spider Naevi, Milia, Blood Spots, Warts and more.

Consultation (required before first treatment)
  • 30 mins – £15 (including 5ml pot of aftercare gel)

Advance Procedures (including 5ml pot of aftercare gel)
  • Up to 15 mins – £45
  • Up to 30 mins – £85
  • Up to 45 mins – £120

Please note you may require more than one treatment
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