Skin Scanner helps us to analyse your skin to solve your skin problems.

skin scanner at the village retreat, liverpool
Our Skin Scanner is an essential tool to assist you in achieving and maintaining younger, healthier looking skin.
We all know that serious skin disorders are caused by sun damage. Contrary to belief, if the sun is hardly shining, even on cloudy days, harmful UVA rays can still reach deep into your skin. You can not always see the damage done on the surface, but looking at your skin through our skin scanner you are bound to be in for a shock. Sun damage could lead to serious skin conditions later on in life. It may also add years to the appearance of the skin on your face. At The Village Retreat we will advise you on how to reverse damage already done as well as how to prevent any damage from happening in the first place.

skinscanner at the village retreat, liverpool
The skin scanner uses a special ultraviolet filter to reveal underlying damage in your skin long before it reaches the surface. The procedure is quick and completely painless. We will ask you to place your face into the scanner. It will detect problems in the form of different colours for different conditions. Blue is normal, but white indicates thickened skin, violet shows dehydration, yellow means acne, red indicates oiliness and dark blue pigmentation. The skin scanner allows the client to participate in identifying their own skin problems by "seeing is believing".
As Nimue is such specialised treatment range, we offer a free 15 minute consultation to all clients wanting to discuss their skin’s condition and any concerns they may have. This enables us to explain exactly what Nimue can do for your skin and is completely without any obligation to book a treatment or purchase products.
For your FREE no obligation consultation simply call today 0151 428 4039
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