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We are waxing specialists Debbie & Nicky have been performing intimate waxing for the last 10 years........... 
We are experts in waxing and specialised in the bikini area, producing the cleanest and most long-lasting results which can last four to six weeks. Here at The Village Retreat cleanliness, client safety and comfort are always our top priority, this is why we never double dip! For those of you that don’t know, to double dip is putting a just waxed stick right back into the wax pot. Bear in mind that the stick was just applied to the skin on your face or even “down there” before it was re-dipped. This is hardly a thorough sanitary practice, despite the popularity of it, and the highly touted myth that “the heat of the wax kills the bacteria” can be easily refuted. We always practice sanitary procedures by dipping new sticks into the wax pot and throwing each stick away after it touches your skin.
We offer waxing that will leave you speechless as well as hairless, an if that's not enough here are more reasons why :-

  • We're hip, fun & friendly ladies who genuinely care about what we do every single day!

  • We are waxing specialists, and we are great at it......Correction, exceptionally, super outstandingly great!

  • No embarrassing nakedness on all fours in front of a complete stranger, we have a much more dignified way to wax. 

  • The only thing worse than a bad bikini wax is a bad bikini wax & vice-versa.

  • We have spent years (10 to be exact) creating the perfect wax. Its less painful, its more efficient & its all ours!

  • We put FAST in fastidious, & leave no stragglers what so ever!

  • Our reputation is 100% word of mouth, without our clients there would be no US and we never forget that.

Regular Bikini From £10.00
Neat & Tidy knicker line

High Leg Bikini from £12.00
Working our way in

The Out Back £17.00
Not quite a Brazilian, leaving hair on the lips
but removing hair off the bottom
Brazilian £24.00
Landing Strip only, & right around to bottom

Hollywood £30.00
Everything off

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