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The Fusion XPERT is a new concept in non-invasive aesthetic medicine. An advanced approach to Mesotherapy based on a combination of electroporation & photo bio-stimulation, which enhances the transportation of products through the epidermis to the dermis via cellular pores. This process allows product to reach the heart of the cells, at the same time emitting an LED light to activate certain biological functions of the skin and the cells.
The Fusion XPERT needle-free Mesotherapy treatment is suitable for anyone wishing to treat conditions such as: 

Aged skin, wrinkles and expression lines, flaccid skin, pigmentation, dark eye circles and eye fat bags, stretch marks, cellulite and localised fat.

To achieve truly visible and longer lasting results, we recommend you book a course of a minimum of 4 treatments, but we highly recommend 6 treatments.

Fusion MesoUltimate - £80.00   
Fusion MesoUltimate is the most requested treatment by Celebrities within the Fusion Mesotherapy treatment range. It incorporates a special cocktail called F-LIFT+FACE which is a potent mix of growth factors and biomimetic peptides. It is blended with a line filling hyaluronic acid for deep nourishment and wrinkle reduction. The results speak for their self, rejuvenation on many levels! Anti-wrinkle, skin firming, stimulation of collagen, skin lightening, brightening and free radical blocker are just some of the many benefits of this treatment. The Fusion MesoUltimate treatment includes the most highly concentrated anti-ageing cream with a serum texture that can also be used around the eyes.
Course of 4 treatments for £290.00 
Course of 6 treatments for £430.00 

Fusion MesoBoto - £80.00
Extremely effective over a course of treatments. Fusion MesoBoto is a treatment that generally concentrates on areas of the face such as the forehead, eyes and lips. It can however be equally effective on the full face and neck to smooths fine lines, softens expression lines and to reduce deep wrinkles providing a botox-like effect. Due to the nature of this treatment result are normally seen from treatment 3-4 onwards. 
Course of 4 treatments for £290.00 
Course of 6 treatments for £430.00 

Fusion MesoGlow - £70.00
A powerful cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid is used to achieve a natural, healthy glow to the skin, reversing the signs of ageing. Fusion MesoGlow is a perfect treatment for anyone looking for instant nourishment and protection. Recommended to prevent, repair and regenerate the skin. Ideal treatment prior to holiday and post exposure to the sun. This can be a one off treatment for that special occasion or as a course of 4 or 6
Course of 4 treatments for £245.00 
Course of 6 treatments for £365.00 

Fusion MesoContour - £45.00
The MesoContour treatment incorporates an exclusive formula that works in synergy with the fragile and sensitive zone around the eyes, to reduce puffiness, dark circles, under-eye wrinkles, and to leave the eye contour looking fresh and radiant.
Book a course of 4 treatments for £160.00 
Book a course of 6 treatments for £240.00

Fusion MesoPerfectlips - £45.00
Perfect Lips is an innovative Mesotherapy product design to improve definition and colour of the lips.The volume and hydration of the lips is increased with hyaluronic acid and hexapeptide-38. The peptide enhances the adipogenesis rate, leading to a higher lipid accumulation and volume growth in the lips. 
Book a course of 4 treatments for £160.00 
Book a course of 6 treatments for £240.00

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