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Nimue is an advanced professional treatment range & has been developed for treating skin problems. It is scientifically formulated to penetrate to a much deeper level on the skin than other skincare products. It is because of this, that results are seen immediately. These truly remarkable treatments & products are designed for young and old, men and women, but essentially will suit anyone wanting to see results without having to commit to time consuming and costly treatments. Nimue Facials Treatments can be a stand alone treatments, but for maximal benefit 4 to 6 professional Nimue Facials every 2 – 4 weeks are recommended to combat any skin concerns.

Every Nimue Facial Treatment commences with a full skin consultation & a skin scanner analysis, to tailor each treatment to your skins needs. 

Deep Cleanse Treatment                                                  £37.00
This deep cleansing treatment is designed to treat problematic, acne, oily and congested skin and is also great for opening pores and removing black heads. The treatment helps with the absorption of excess oil and impurities and refines the skin`s surface texture.
Therapeutic Treatment                                                    £42.00
This is a maintenance treatment customised to the client`s specific skin needs with all the essentials including: cleanse, exfoliate, massage and mask to deliver excellent results. However this is a very relaxing treatment and has a wonderful soothing massage that so many of us need and enjoy. This is still a very beneficial treatment and can be recommended as a change from the Rejuvenation treatment every time.

Active Rejuvenation Treatment                                       £47.00 
This is like no other facial treatment. It is often referred to as the "Royals Royce" of facials! The unique blend of AHA's are gentle & safe leaving your skin feeling smooth, looking flawless with an amazing radiant glow, and will almost certainly have you hooked from your first treatment.


35% Glycolic Treatment                                                     £56.00
This is a active skin rejuvenation facial treatment. Only after a through consultation will we decide if this facial is suited to your skin and condition. This facial produces an outstanding effect on your skin, improving the texture and appearance of it dramatically, its like watching wrinkles reduce before your eyes! 

Advanced Anti-Ageing and Fading Treatment - Bio Lacto   £80.00  
The Bio-lacto peel is a concentrated superficial peel with added treatment properties. This skin brightening formulation combines 7 compounds unrelated to hydroquinone. The complex of acids used provide an even penetration and absorption for effective exfoliation without stimulating hyperpigmented skin. Offering skin brightening, increasing hydration and moisturisation, promoting collagen synthesis, and increasing cell turnover, whilst inhibiting melanin production. A unique polymeric gel based delivery system reduces stinging and discomfort.

Advanced Corrective Treatment - Penta Salaic                  £80.00
The Penta Salaic peel is a concentrated superficial peel based on 5 exfoliation agents with added treatment properties. The advanced culminative treatment is indicated for acne and acne prone conditions. A unique polymeric delivery system facilitate superficial peeling and assist in the treatment of problematic skin. This peel will remove oil and debris attached to the skin surface, Loosen and remove ageing cells from skin surface, with Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-oxidation properties. Whilst offering skin brightening, increasing hydration and moisturisation, promoting collagen synthesis, and increasing cell turnover, and preventing superficial acne scarring.
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